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Everyone has his own limits—in eating, drinking, working and in mating. Do not feel discouraged that you are sexually limited. It is really not so. Nature has lavishly endowed all of us and you will be amazed at your normal sexual potential. However, you can be in trouble if you are over-ambitious to scale unattainable sexual heights by aping the media. For example, you have seen Jeetendra and Sean Connery in the movies coveting women by the hour. You say to yourself, 'I must be like them'. But deep down you have lingering doubts about your sexual horse-power. Can your two-litre engine match sexually the four-litre performance of the stars on the silver screen? The result: undue stress, producing sexual inadequacy. Stress is the deadly enemy of sex. In fact, as stress increases, performance diminishes, except for a very small minority of individuals whose sexual power is not affected by stress. You will argue that you were under severe stress in your office as you climbed the executive ladder, yet you have not got a heart attack or a peptic ulcer. Stress is certainly produced in both cases but your organs react differently. Your heart, your stomach and your arteries are very tolerant and give you a long rope before they hang you. Not so your penis. Your penis is a no-nonsense organ and its response when there is fear or anxiety is swift and definite: immediate impotency.