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Early in pregnancy the woman's breasts enlarge and about the third month they begin to secrete a slightly yellowish thin fluid. This secretion continues till the 3rd or 4th day during these days breasts become full and firm and start secreting milk. First milk is known as colostrum just after birth. It is yellowish in colour and is rich in protein, minerals, vit A, E and B12 and has less fat and sugar. It contains large amount of antibodies.
Is it advantageous to give colostrum to the child?
Yes, Let the child suck as frequently as possible of colostrum. It will not only provide nutrients but it will hasten the production of mature milk. Low content of fat is advantageous because it will be easily digested.
What is the normal count of one emission?
Each emission is about 2-4 ml. containing 100^200 million spermatozoa, 80% of which should remain actively motile for more than
45 minutes but not later that 3 hours. They should not contain more than 20% abnormal forms. About 50% of men contain 20 to 40 million sperm per ml of semen.