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To answer that question, think about the people you've already read about in this book. Why weren't they interested in sex? Al had failed on several occasions to attain or maintain an erection. Sexual desire created anxiety because it would most likely lead to another humiliating performance failure. Andrea and
Paul's sex life wasn't living up to their high expectations. Their single-minded pursuit of sexual excellence turned sex into chore. Wendy associated sexual feelings with guilt and betrayal Janet knew almost nothing about sex, had learned it was bad and guessed that it would be painful. Looking at his wife reminded Ed that he had limitations, that he was aging, that his ability to achieve had plateaued, that time was running out for him. These thoughts and feelings shut down his desire for sex. Dan was drained by work-related pressures and angry at Barbara for failing to be sensitive to his needs. Sally resented the; way her life had turned out and could feel no desire for Jack whose needs she'd met by sacrificing her own. What's more, she was scared to death that she would succumb to sexual desire' and have sex with other men. Maggie protected herself from disappointment by never looking forward to pleasure—sexual; or otherwise. Bobby was essentially asexual, while Tim had never paid much attention to his own sexual urges.