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Anovulatory cycle means that during menstrual cycle ova is not released. Such cycle occurs just after menarche in adolescent girls. Mature women may also have such cycles specially after delivery during lactation period. During anovulatory cycles the rise in basal body temperature does not occur. Intercourse during such cycles is safe and pregnancy does not occur.
What will be the quantity and quality of second ejaculation at
the interval of short period?
A second ejaculation soon after the first is likely to contain less fluid and fewer sperms. It may take 24 hours for the reservoirs to fill upto their normal capacity after complete emptying. If ejaculation follow in rapid succession the fluid discharged will be very thin with few cells.
How sexual indulgence brings changes in breasts?
Breasts are firm, elastic and hemispherical with a small undeveloped nipple surrounded by an areola which is pink in fair women and dark brown in dark women. The breasts become large and flabby by frequent handling and sexual intercourse as well as by masturbation but are not affected by a single act of coitus.